May 8, 2017

VIDEO: WWE Fit Series: Chiseled Upper Body Workout- Stephanie McMahon

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VIDEO: WWE Fit: Chiseled Upper Body Workout with Stephanie McMahon is quick, but effective strength workout that cycles 2 exercises in 4 minutes to build muscle, increase endurance, burn calories, and sculpt definition in the arms, back, shoulders, chest, and triceps for ripped results in just minutes. Turn up the burn and get shredded with this result-driven workout that you can take with you anywhere from the all new “WWE FIT Series” Fitness DVD, available now! Wish you had a defined, sexy body like the extraordinary women of the WWE? Well, now you can! With the help of WWE mogul and mother of 3 Stephanie McMahon you can achieve a lean, sculpted physique worthy of the main event. Crafted by world-renowned strength and conditioning coach Joe DeFranco, this system, complete with a 4-week calendar, transforms and strengthens the upper and lower body, chisels the abs, sheds fat with powerful cardio, and creates long, flexible muscle. Strong is the new sexy, so become queen of the ring and build your best body ever! Train with your favorite WWE stars right from your own home. You will need a set of dumbbells, a towel and a bottle of water to complete this routine that offers modifications to fit all skill levels. Tune in to BeFiT every weekday for free new workouts for the entire body. Click here for more Extreme strength-building workouts:
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